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Automata, Mechanisms and Mechanical Toys

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This automata site introduces you to the world of Automata and is packed with information to help you make your own working models from wood, card and metal. Sometimes referred to as Mechanical Toys or Kinetic Art, they are marvellous small machines that utilize most of the mechanical processes which can be found in almost every modern machine employing cams, gears, ratchets and cranks.

This automata site is now mainly kept open as an educational recourse for schools and individuals who may be interested in Automat or wanting to Design and Make their own wonderful mini marvels. We have two books that provide additional information, the sale of which help to keep this site going.
I have not made any new Automata in a while but I have a an old/new project using found materials from a beach in Dorset which I hope to show off soon.

Designing and making automata is an exciting hobby, covering a range of skills and processes from Art, Engineering and Science, through to Craft Skills involving card, wood and metal. Whether you are working on a school project or looking to start making automata for a hobby this site will help you. You can also now buy on-line "How to design and make Automata" which can be download or get it on a CD-ROM. It will help Teachers and Students learning Design and Technology Key Stage 3 and GCSE D&T as well as anyone interested in working with wood and making their own Automaton.

We are now pleased to be able to offer our latest Publication: "How to Design and make Simple Automata". This book makes use of card, paper, and wood. It is ideal for anyone interested in making their own automata, but haven't got much making experience. You will find loads of ideas for using household materials that can be turned into fantastic Automata and mechanical toys. It also contains the plans to make 6 exciting models using cams and cranks, all out of thin card.( The book was originally aimed at helping Teachers covering Key Stage 2 QCA Units 3c moving monsters, 5c moving toys & 6c Fairground rides but the curriculum has changed a little since then ) It will make a great start for anyone interested in making automata and mechanical toys as a hobby.

We now have a fantastic interactive CD-ROM's that show you how mechanisms, automata and mechanical toys work. This can be used with Adobe reader
"How to Design and Make Automata Mechanisms and Mechanical Toys" CD-ROM or PDF Download" It used to cover Design and Technology key stage 3 and 4 but the curriculum has changed a little since then), but again this is a great place to start if you want to get into making more complex automata. It represents great value as it combines both books and comes with an hour of video examples of the automata in the text, exploring how they work with great close ups and explanations of the mechanisms.




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